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Moving out of your location? If this is your first time to relocate, you should plan everything so that your move will be smooth.

What you need before moving?
1. Moving boxes
2. Packing tapes
3. Garbage bags
4. Marker & stickers
5. Lastly, PATIENCE!

Packing for one week vacation is already so difficult, thinking what to wear and bring?
But a major headache occurs when moving from one location to another! Well, many people look forward to move to another location, but not looking forward to pack everything. While moving is not necessary a good time to choose new furniture, it is a reasonable time to get rid of many items.

It’s time for spring cleaning, let’s clear everything!

1. Clean out storage areas and get rid or donate items that you do not want to take them with you.

2. Contact a trustable and reputable Professional Moving Company, they are able to provide you with packing materials such as boxes and bubble wrap at certain cost.

3. Separate confidential and personal items, it is recommended to keep confidential item and not sent with movers.

4. Clean and inspect all items before packing them.

5. Pack boxes tightly and write “Fragile” or stick stickers to warn movers.

6. Do not stack or shake the boxes when moving.

7. Wrap all furniture in moving blankets and shrink wrap to prevent scratches, dirt and dents.

8. Do not overload the boxes.

9. Packing early helps to minimize the rush.

Do not move things that you have no intention of keeping them as this will waste your time and money. The best ways to discard these items are either by donating or throwing it away.
Give yourself at least five to six weeks to plan and pack before moving out.

Whether we should engage professional moving companies is another question for us. It depends on numerous factors such as difficulty of the move, time and money. Professional movers know that careful planning, preparation and packing can make the difference, it save you lot of unhappiness and headaches. To ensure you make the right choice, you should weigh all possibilities.

One should always engage the right professional carpet company to help him or her with the right critical decisions. Tell our professionals your requirements so that we can provide you with the right decision. We have all the experience from moving to assist you with your heavy boxes and furniture. Running out of space? Do not worry! We do rent out storage spaces at an affordable price to maximize all your requirements.

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“As the saying goes – Fail to plan & you plan to fail.”
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