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5 Myths On Choosing The Right Moving Timing

Moving home should always be planned at a time that is not just convenient for you, but for your family too. The right time to move depends upon various day to day factors that most people do not look at. Remember, all days are not appropriate for indulging into such a tedious task. It requires proper planning and organization, before you pick any particular day for moving. However, many people end up making the moving day the most challenging task, by choosing the wrong time to move. There are some house moving myths that you must get rid of, before you actually plan your day. Here are 5 myths that might affect your ability to choose the right moving timing.

5 Myths On Choosing The Right Moving Timing

Myth 1 – “It’s best to move on a Friday
Absolutely not! Monday to Thursday are actually considered good days to move to a new house. The reason is simple. Most people on weekdays are busy and hence, it is easy to make booking and relocate to a new place. Also, since moving companies have less business during weekdays, they’re willing to provide you good discounts on your reservations. So, if you consider moving on weekdays, rather than on weekends, you can actually save a lot of your money. Tuesday and Wednesday are considered to be the best days of the week to choose for this job. This is because the moving companies have the lowest amount of bookings on these two days. You also get the best chance to pick your own schedule as per your convenience and time availability. 

Myth 2 – “Moving during holiday season will be costly” 
If the cost of moving is your key concern, there are several methods to save your money in respect to time and availability. Some people think that moving during holiday season is comparatively costly, but the fact is that holidays are generally the off-peak season for moving companies. Since people prefer to settle down before the onset of holiday season, the demand for movers and packers usually decline during this time. November to January is a great time to move and save good money. If you have stored vacation days, it is best to spare out some days and move mid-week to save yourself a plenty of time and money. 

Myth 3 – “Moving in the middle of school year is easier “
If you have children, then you must have thought about moving in the middle of school year to make the procedure easy for your kids. A lot of people think that moving in the mid-session actually helps students to get along well with new teachers and classmates. On the other hand, some feel that moving during the summer holidays of children is a better way so that they do not miss on their sessions. In either way, it is not going to be easier for children to adjust. So the final decision should only be made after due consultation with your children with due regard to their needs in mind. 

Myth 4 – “We can move in any season”
This may not work depending upon your location of current residence and future residence. If you live in a area with period of inclement weather, you would need to be aware of weather reports and potential dangers during the time of move. Take into consideration the climatic conditions of your region. This decision will solely be based on the prevailing weather conditions of both the places. You surely do not want to take the chance of reaching to a new place with damaged furniture due to inclement weather. .

 Myth 5 – “It is easy to move during holiday weekends” 
A lot of people are concerned about traffic and thus, they prefer moving during holiday weekends. Seldom have they known that there are thousands of other people who would be sharing the same thought. Holiday weekend such as Memorial Day, can actually have unpleasant traffic on the road. In fact, it can ruin the entire moving day, making it complicated and tiring. It is advised to plan your route around the time when traffic is flowing freely.

In conclusion, it can be said that house moving myths mentioned above can easily ruin the already challenging moving day. It is important to do a little bit of online research while planning your moving day. Additional information will help you organize things accordingly and make the task easier for you.

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