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Why Can't I Move My Condo On Weekends?

If you are living in Singapore, chances are you may have experienced this same situation when you have to move in and out of your condominium units to a much bigger place or space to accommodate your changing lifestyle and growing need for more space for you and your family. In Singapore, there are so called moving black out days (Saturday and Sunday). This means a tenant is not allowed to move their things in and out during weekends. Singapore rules have strictly imposed a no moving on Weekend for condo even if you pay a high fee. Here are some of the condo moving rules imposed by the building owners that everyone must be made aware of when moving in and out of condo units in Singapore. 

Why I Can't Move My Condo On Weekends

Condo Moving In And Out Rules in Singapore

-Condominium removal may be done on weekdays from 9 am to 5pm only. Weekend removal is not allowed.

- The resident or tenant must submit a fully accomplished form supplied by the condominium management along with the imposed security fee. This form must be fully accomplished with complete details three days before the actual date of moving. The required deposit will eventually be refunded after the completion of the moving process and in the event that no damage to property occurs during the moving in and out process. This fee is shouldered solely by the tenant and is not included in the charges billed by the movers.

- All the removal contractors are required to secure a pass for purposes of security and proper identification. The movers are required to report to the guardhouse of every activity and must wear their I.D. Passes while inside the building and its premises. The security personnel of the condo have the right to question moving contractors that does not wear their I.D. Pass while the removal process is going on.

- Delivery vans and other forms of vehicle intended for moving out things of the tenant are required to follow a specified route while driving inside the premises, heavy duty elevator areas, and basement of the condominium.

- 40 footer vans or any vehicle higher than the allowed level height of 2.8 meters are not allowed to enter the basement area.

- 20 footer vans are allowed but the driver must park their vehicle in a designated area within the basement.

- Movers and their workers are allowed to use only the service elevators and designated staircases upon advance arrangement regarding the time of transfer and moving out to avoid any inconvenience and disturbance to the other regular users of the lift in the condo.

- Packing crates must be properly disposed of and not thrown elsewhere inside the condo’s property at the mover’s cost. No trash, packing materials, crates, boxes, debris, must be left lying around the basement, service elevator area, parking lot, fire escape staircases or any other specific areas in and around the building. Failure to comply will mean suspension from operating their moving services with the condominium management and the cost for cleaning up and fixing their mess will be passed on to the concerned tenant facilitating the request for removal.

- The tenant will be held responsible in the event that condo property got damaged during the course of removal. All costs incurred to rectify the damage will be shouldered by the tenant upon arrangement with the condominium management regarding damage to property.

- The tenant is solely responsible for the behavior of the mover contractors and workers while they are inside the building premises and common areas.

Singapore is an ideal place to work, live, and have a good life. It is estimated that more than 95 % of the population live in this crowded city filled with tall apartment buildings, gleaming high rise offices, and towering condominiums. It will work for your advantage if you are aware of the condo moving rules and charges so you can plan ahead if the situation or need arises in the future. And don’t forget, no moving on condos on weekends!

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