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Moving Tips If you are Moving Your house in Singapore

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Moving in to a dream house or a new community, you will have flash back about your past in your previous living community and at the same time feeling trills, anxiety or even frustrations in moving into a new community.

From my experience, I have superb tips that I can share with you to make your house moving at ease and smooth. In this article, you will find tips that will make your house moving moments as exciting as possible and also in an organized manner.

Create your checklist
Note down everything! Before you even started to pack anything, always remember to generate an easy recording and monitoring system. Use a computer to generate a simple checklist and allocate an area to note down some miscellaneous remarks. Or simply get your ipad ready to note down the details. Always list your contents and numbered on single of your packed boxes and also in your personal checklist. Do not indicate the item down unless it’s in a location you designated as the Packing Area.

Have a lot of supplies.
Do not make me repeat myself twice that you will need a lot of boxes for moving. Seriously! The amount of boxes you will need is more than what you can imagine. The fact will be “more boxes will ensure your packing easier”. Moving company will normally do a refund, if you have any unused. Always set aside about 10 to 15 boxes for your any last minute packing on the actual moving day. Use those big transparent packing tape to seal the boxes tightly. Use bubble wraps to pack your glass wares and cling wrap to bind or tie your house hold items or furniture. Do not feel embarrass to ask for more supplies of bubble wrap, cling wrap and boxes. As any unused items, just return back to the moving company, they will do a refund for you.

Using the Wardrobe Boxes
Wardrobe boxes are very useful during the moving. Any huge, light weighted stuff i.e. pillows, blankets or comforters etc. can be packed into these tall boxes. Clothing that require hanging are also ideal to be packed into these boxes. You may consult your moving company about the measurement of the boxes to determine how many such boxes you would require.

Making good use of Wardrobe Boxes
Shifting company are very much delighted to send boxes prior of your actual shifting day. If you are doing shifting yourself, always remember to get your items arrange as early as possible. Perhaps 4 to 5 days before you shift, pack your bulky closet stuff into some plastic shopping bags i.e. sneakers, windbreaker, jeans etc. On the actual day, remember to stuff all those packed shopping bags to the bottom of your wardrobe boxes before you add in your hung clothing.

Always try as best effort to arrange those hanging clothing closely thus will ensure they will not move around and fall off the hangers during the moving. Lastly, use a dry clean laundry bag to cover the shoulders of your clothing, throw some bags or your cardigan on top. These methods will ensure you have lesser wardrobe boxes to use and you can easily retrieve your stuff from the bottom of the boxes.

Colour Identification
Assign a colour for every single room in the new house, i.e. orange for kitchen, yellow for dining room etc. Stick those colour stickers also on the respective packed boxes. Make a prominent indicator in your new home door that this coloured sticker on the packed box is for this room or this particular area. This will also aid the movers to put which boxes to which room. You may also want to designate an area in your house to contain those packed boxes, thus to ease the traffic flowage for your furniture to be shift in.

Place items together
Always place items together when you do packing. For example, books with the bookends, lamp with light bulbs etc. Small loose items you can use sticky tape to stick to the original big items or keep them in a single envelope. For example, keep frame hooks with the frame, wall wrench and bolts on the wall units etc. Place all those loose cables or wires in a big container or Zip lock bags after which do a proper labeling to indicate what items is inside those container or Zip lock bags.

Do packing ahead
Whatever you can arrange prior will greatly lessen down your time on the actual moving day. Pack all those unnecessary items i.e. extra TV set, Hi-fi as for the last few days at your old house, you do not need them “sitting” around your house. Pack all those kitchen utensils, pots and pans up first, as you will be busy hence you will minimise your cooking. Extra shampoo, toothpaste or cosmetics can be packed up earlier also.

Gather all cleaning supplies
If you need to post cleaning your old house after moving, just simple gather some basic cleaning materials for your cleaners or Part Time Housekeeper to use. However, try to clean anything as early as possible i.e. built in over, kitchen cabinets, built in wardrobe etc. Ideal will be once the movers shift out your items from a room, immediate do a cleaning in that empty room.

Use your travel bag
Pack your travel bag with your personal clothing, basic toiletries etc. As this travel bag will be your wardrobe for the first few days when you are in your new home. As you will be need some time to sort out your clothing into your new wardrobe.

Protect your valuables
It is a good idea to keep valuable possessions, i.e. antiques, gold or silver collections etc. with you. If your moving will be drag for a few days, you could place all those valuables in the bank or in a box and bury deep inside a pile of clothes and pack into the box. Either way, you may check out with your moving company if they provide any insurance for you when in any case there are losses or damage to your valuables during the shift.

Keep confidential papers with you
Confidential papers such as title deeds, birth certificates, bank deeds etc. Always bear in mind that these papers should be left with the mover but only to be kept within your reach.

Your “Own” boxes
You may want to use brightly coloured storage boxes for your family members. One box per person and let your family members put in their personal and essential items that they will be using instantly at the new house i.e. toiletries, phone chargers etc.

In general, when come to shifting may not be fun and will be tedious, however, with careful planning and strategizing, smooth flowage will be enforced.

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