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What is storage space? It is the rental of extra space for commercial and personal purposes. Sometimes we might come to realise that we do not need some items lying around in our room or home anymore, but we still keep it with us because we could not bear to part with it. For many of us it is very difficult to get rid of items that we once had. However, due to the increasing property prices in Singapore, most of us would have to downgrade to a smaller apartment leading to insufficient space to store extra items. Therefore, the usage of self-storage space has increase gradually.

Space storage is a reliable and inexpensive solution to keep all of the items that you want. Space storage is not solely for your personal items, but also to store office documents, arrival of large shipments, sports equipment and many more. Some examples of storage are personal, business and wine. You can store almost anything in the space storage

Here are some reasons why you should store your items at the storage space rather than storing them at home:

1. Environment
The temperature and humidity are very crucial for prolonging the lifespan of some items. The storage temperature is adjusted accordingly to your items because some items may require special care such as wine bottles and furniture. Yes, you might have an attic to store them but if the temperature is incorrect, it may destroy your items.

2. Security
The storage units have very good surveillance system to guard your items 24 hours round the clock; therefore, you do not have to worry about theft cases. If your items are very valuable, you may also opt for stronger locks, steel doors and other more options available. The keys are kept by you and you have personal access to your belongings. Alarms are also installed in the storage units in case of any break in.

3. Space problems
As we mentioned earlier, it is difficult for us to store large items at home due to the limited space. Some business owners may also need a storage unit to store old documents.
Lastly, before you engage in the space storage service, do remember to check that your items are covered by insurance. It is the best time to clear all your items in the storage space.

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