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6 Ways To Choose Professional Moving Company

Moving a home or office and relocating to another place can be an intimidating and daunting task. It involves a lot of tedious tasks like packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and arranging the things. Moving is an extremely complicated and time consuming process. However by hiring the services of a professional moving company you can make the entire moving process simple and easy. There are many professional moving companies in Singapore who can help people in the moving process and make relocation easier and smoother. Make sure to select the right moving company that assures lower cost, careful attention to your relocation needs and better service.

Choosing Professional Moving Company

6 ways to choose the right professional moving company:

1. Ask for credentials and references:
Ask for business referrals and check the moving company’s credentials. If possible ask for references from past customers. You can have a peace of mind that you are hiring a reliable and reputable moving company by speaking directly to the company’s recent customers. If the past customers are truly satisfied with their service then you can be sure that you have found the right moving company. You can also speak to your friends and relatives who have recently utilized their moving services. Remember word-of-mouth referral is a persuasive and credible form of recommendation.

2. Get several estimates from moving companies: 
Make sure to get at least two or three quotes and compare the prices and the services included. Comparing multiple quotes helps you to evaluate multiple options. Never go with the first mover you find and definitely avoid the mover who quotes an unbelievably cheaper rate than the others. Never fall a prey for the low-ball quote. Comparing the rates and services of multiple moving companies will help you to make an informed decision and select a mover that best fits your requirements and budget.

3. Check if they are duly insured and licensed: 
When evaluating the credentials of a moving company in Singapore choose a company that is duly licensed and insured. This ensures that they are duly authorized and licensed by the relevant departments. Licensed movers often assure more guarantee and safety for your valuable possessions and belongings. Check that the mover is duly insured. In case of unexpected damage it is important to make sure that your possessions are protected and covered.

4. Choose a mover with strong local presence:

Before finalizing a mover and entrusting your valuable possessions and belongings, ask them to come out to your home for a visual estimate. After seeing what exactly is to be moved they will give an accurate quote. You also make it a point to visit the mover’s office in order to ensure that they look professional. In the event of any damage complaints after the move it will be easier for you to handle if the moving company is in
your neighborhood.

5. Clear all doubts:
Feel free to raise as many questions as possible to clear all your doubts. Ask how much they charge for weekdays and weekends, their years of experience in the field of
moving, if are there are any hidden costs in the prices quoted and how they undertake packing. Do not hesitate to ask how long they will take to move the items, how big their truck is and how much deposit is to be made for initiating the services.

6. Ensure that the contract is in writing:

Read and understand the fine print of your contract. After agreeing with the terms and conditions of the moving company make sure to have it in writing to avoid further unwanted disputes. Generally this agreement includes the date of delivery, the mover’s responsibility for loss or damage and the payment method.


Finding a reliable and trustworthy moving company in Singapore to handle all your valuable possessions and belongings is quite a challenging task. The above six ways will definitely help you to locate the right mover who can safely handle your belongings and make the moving process smooth.

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